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Our Values

     -Our Mission



To deliver the highest quality, most beautiful wedding flowers to our clients on their special day, all while making the flower planning & execution process effortless for our clients.


     -Our Community


We believe in the power of the collective.  A community can get more accomplished for the common good when people work together towards community goals.  


Angela has served in many volunteer positions everywhere she has lived since being 10 years old and planting her first tree on Earth Day. Currently, she serves in a leadership capacity for the Greater Lafayette Commerce’s Chamber Council.  She supports children, the environment, small business, equality & empowerment, education and animals.


If you are a bride who wishes to donate your reception flowers, when we pick up our rented items, we will collect any unwanted flowers and give them to the Indiana Veteran’s Home residents. Our owner has a soft heart for those living in a veteran’s home as her father spent 13 years in one before he died.  Spread the joy!

    -Our Commitment to Sustainability


The earth is our home and the provider of our beautiful flowers- that’s why we are committed to protecting it for future generations.  


Angela has personally and professionally committed to a sustainability program consisting of recycling, reusing, biodegrading, less energy usage and less consumption & waste.  Every year we make a commitment to continued progress towards sustainability.

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