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Our Story

Owner and Master Creator, Angela Tamer, began her wedding flower business in May of 1999 while still an engineering student at Purdue University.  While pursuing her degree, she took a floral design course, which led her to this passion of creating beautiful wedding flowers.  After graduating, Angela pursued a career in finance, all while continuing her wedding flower business and raising a family.  Due to business growth from building a solid business reputation of quality, service and business ethics, Red Fox Flowers, LLC was created in 2010.  The name Red Fox Flowers was chosen because Angela’s inspiration from the beauty in motion of the red fox matches her inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers.   She enjoys family (especially her 3 children), friends, participating in sports, outdoor/nature activities and good books when not creating wedding flowers.


“We continue to gain the majority of our business from referrals and from brides that attended a wedding that we created flowers for.  We are honored to do business in such a way that referrals are how we grow.  It shows that we really care about our clients and the products/services that we deliver!  Thank you to all past clients and potential clients!” - Angela Tamer 2017

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